Daily hiking

For those who want to live an immersive day in the nature. Designed for those approaching for the first time to hike or for more experienced people looking for new adventures and new adrenaline rush

Multi-day hiking

If you have at least some experience in hiking, choose Hidden Sardinia to live an experience of two or more days immersed in a wild environment.

For family

Designed specifically for families who want to get close to hiking and nature, actively involving their children and stimulating their curiosity.


Island of Tavolara

Known as the smallest kingdom in the world, its wildest part is inhabited by golden-toothed goats, while its sea is colored with shades of emerald green. Discover with Hidden Sardinia the fascinating island of Tavolara in a path that from the beach leads to its summit along a path with breathtaking views of the entire Marine Protected Area.

The wild Supramonte

For all the experienced hikers who want to be overwhelmed by the primitive nature of the Supramonte, and for all those who wants to get away from it all, living one or few days closely with the wild.

The treasures of the Supramonte

The Supramonte is a unique place full of history and legends where you can visit the Gorropu canyon, the Tiscali nuragic village, the ancient sheepfolds and much more. A walk through the Supramonte is not a simple hike in the mountains, it’s a real experience!

The pearls of Supramonte

In this hiking route, everyone can have a first-hand experience of all the rock walls border the wonderful sea, and a vista trail that will
amaze you for its unique beauty: the Supramonte coves really deserve to be visited, at least once.


Nuragic village of Tiscali

The collapse of the vault of a cave houses a temporary village of nuragic full of charm

Canyon of Gorropu

The incessant work of the Flumineddu waters has crossed the border between Urzulei and Orgosolo, creating the wonderful canyon

Cala Mariolu, Goloritzè, Biriala

The white pebbles and the crystalline sea are the goal, to reach them by land is an overwhelming emotion step by step

Hidden sardinia

Hidden Sardinia is me, Andrea, an environmental hiking guide regularly registered at AIGAE, an Italian association with an SA444 card.

My passion for hiking was born at first with the curiosity to explore the caves of Sardinia and expecially those of Supramonte. But I soon discovered that the charm of approaching the caves generates really much adrenaline. Following old paths and ancient passages created by the shepherds to reach a cave and then letting me wrap from its darkness, it gave me the feeling of losing so much. After a year of speleology I decided to let me capture by hiking, trekking. The weekend was invented to give us the chance to go to the mountains, I think. 

After years of hiking with friends for purely exploratory and informative purposes, I decided to become an environmental guide. A passion and a mission: try to create a unique experience for you.